Fur Fashion House "Julia Dilua" has been a leader in the Russian fur market for over 15 years. Every piece is a work of art made out of the finest furs from around the world (Belgium, Canada, Russia, USA). A wide variety of adornments such as semiprecious gems, gold, silver, suede, silk, Swarovski crystals and La Perla lacing make every piece unique and individual to suit your taste and style, emphasizing the fine quality of fur while adding contemporary chic to each model. Our designers work with each item creating original and one of a kind pieces. Each item is handmade using a special technique that combines fur tanning by the worlds foremost specialists, inimitable design and the highest quality work. Designers and specialists spend months working on each fur for you. The choice of material, personalization of the design, tanning and tailoring is done according to your individual needs and is handled by the designer himself. Julia Dilua’s clientele consists of world renowned models, politicians, artists such as the Arno family, Hilary Clinton, Sharon Stone in addition to a multitude of the social elite . By wearing fur made by “Julia Dilua” you emphasize not only your beauty but also your status in society: you are magnificent and the whole world knows it!


皮草品牌Julia Dilua在奢侈品市场畅销15年。每件产品都是一件艺术品,选用最好的毛皮,都是世界顶尖的拍卖所得,如:比利时、加拿大、俄罗斯、美国。各种各样的装饰品选用金、银、麂皮、丝绸、施华洛世奇水晶或者La Perla花边,做出独特的造型。华丽的装饰使得皮草更加精美,增添时尚、奢华的感觉。每件产品都有设计师的独特设计,运用独特的技术,选用优质的驯鹿毛皮,由世界顶尖的专业技师制作而成的独一无二的纯手工皮草。从选择材料、设计款式到根据顾客的要求进行剪裁、加工,制作一件裘皮大衣需要花费数月时间。Julia Dilua 的皮草深受时尚明星、政界人士、艺术家和世界知名人士的钟爱(阿诺家庭、希拉里•克林顿、莎朗•斯通等都是该品牌的拥护者)。穿Julia Dilua皮草,不仅使您美丽动人, 您的尊贵地位也不言而喻。